MLB Pitchers Who Lost Their Velocity

MLB Pitchers Who Lost Their Velocity

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kelvin Tavarez Henkel says:

wow ubaldo jimenez lanzaba duro

RundownOyster says:

He had his ups and downs but was a fantastic pitcher nonetheless. Cheers from the east coast Tim!

SeñorTortas says:

So every pitcher ever.

Micheal Ratcliff says:

If anybody notices these are max effort guys. This is the biggest problem with people who pitch with max effort, they tend to wear their arms out faster as well as 3 of these guys are rather thin compared to the bigger stronger pitchers that you see keep that velocity up for 8-10 years.

threeballbanger says:

K-Rod in 05 was at like 96-97

Jason Nelson says:

And yall seriously still think it was mostly just the hitters using steroids???? This is what happens when MLB cracked down on PED's avg pitchers went back to being avg… just like nowadays if you bat .310 you may win a batting title and 40 hr lead the league

Niles Ayer says:

Lincecum should’ve kept eating at in and out burger

mike dyke says:

Velocity is cool but if u don't have control ur fucked look at Jamie moyer he got so far on control alone

Mr. Poopybutthole says:

But still some really fast pitches!!

Jay D says:

jimenez was a beast with the rockies i remember when he got traded to cleveland his career went downhill

Ben * says:

Bro Jered Weaver's angel strikeouts were ALL on 2-2 counts

StrikeZone84 - Baseball/Wiffleball says:

It's not good when that happens

jjpearsall41 says:

juice then no juice????

YKG Highlights says:

CC Sabathia

Andrew Valdez says:

Pitchers who gained velocity

EOgletree25 says:

Weaver lives at those 2-2 counts😂

Max Jr says:

I saw Lincecum throw 100mph a few times.

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