NOBODY IS MORE EXCITED THAN ANDY! | MLB The Show 17 | Softball Franchise #40

NOBODY IS MORE EXCITED THAN ANDY! | MLB The Show 17 | Softball Franchise #40

Welcome back to the Softball Franchise! It is time for Game 3 of the ALDS against the Boston Red Sox! We are in Fenway and they are fighting to stay alive! If we win this game then move on and nobody want this more Andy, the one true Mariners fan! He will do his best and have fun while doing it!

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I watch you all day

ToxicPandaGaming says:

Let’s start a chant in the comments:

ToxicPandaGaming says:

Sup my dude

GunsnRosesfan2012 says:

Hey comment section, I need help with my fantasy football team. Position in question is QB. Drop Dak for Goff or keep Dak?

Edgar says:

I wonder why shit creates a character called Ciara if Ciara is a woman and in the game men are created, I would have put another in my opinion

Jack Brown says:

this is a good team lol :)

Justin Reo says:

Notification Squad!!!!!!!!
Keep the good progress up

Braydster Gaming says:

i am a new subscriber

Braydster Gaming says:

turned on notifications and what is your psn name

Zebra Gaming says:

notifactions are on

Leah Michaud says:

How do you get that lineup

Cubs & Marlins says:

RIP Roy Halladay, sad to see a star and future Hall of Famer die, rip my friend…

Shawn Kuehling says:

Will you change team for this team

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