ConvergePoint: Get the Best Regulatory Compliance Software from Market Leading Company

ConvergePoint: Get the Best Regulatory Compliance Software from Market Leading Company

ConvergePoint is a market leading software provider on a user-friendly platform i.e. SharePoint. Usually large scale businesses face a lot of trouble in managing information and other related business-related processes. This is why ConvergePoint gives access to vast range of management software like investigation case management software, so that you can shift your focus on other important tasks.

They have an array of finest and productive software solutions which could help you out in numerous ways. Some of their software includes

  • Policy management software:

You can easily create, approve, review, renew and revise SOPs and policies with this efficient management software. The local, state and federal regulations and guidelines always keep changing, which is why ConvergePoint helps compliance and risk HR managers and management teams.

  • Contract management software:

You get access to request, approve, create, renew and manage contracts on a sole platform. This software has reporting capabilities and extensive search approach. This is best practiced at contract creation, contract approval, contract negotiation etc.

Every company needs a strong platform to administrate their case management needs. People are generally engaged in unorganized tools to track and report corruption, complaints and fraud allegations. They offer quality HR case management tools which support you for a long run.

  • Health safety management software on Microsoft SharePoint:

This management software helps you in attaining greater transparency on safety concerns and incidents in the company. Gone are the days when you used emails and paper documents. This software is specially developed to serve the risk management programs. The software ensures all certifications, training and permits are updated across the board.

  • Employee training software on SharePoint:

This software keeps the training material updated as well as it keeps testing employees on important HR and procedures and safety policies. You can track results quickly and manage them with Power Points, scanned PDF’s and three-ring blinders.

ConvergePoint is trusted by market leading organizations like Care New England, Genworth, and Siemens-ingenuity for life and many more. You should regulatory compliance to your employee’s progress. You can choose a specific module as per your requirement, or you can implement all the modules on existing Office 365 platform.

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