Teams, fans react to Boston news

Teams, fans react to Boston news

4/19/13: Teams and fans across MLB support the city of Boston and its people with reactions to news that the suspect is in custody



Ohio Against The World says:

thank god all 4 people were there in the stands to see it.

majormetsfan says:

I felt like it was another 9/11 when I heard the news. May god bless our souls that those terrorists are done for.

Mario Vasquez says:

I remember being at that rangers game. couldn't help but join in to singing Neil Diamond


god bless america

Aidan Corey (aidcade123) says:

How could you dislike this?

Aiden Rae says:

I'm extremely critical of my country, often to the point of getting into arguments with many people who think my views are 'too extreme' or 'unpatriotic' but had I been at a game that night I would have stood up and applauded.  He deserves to rot in jail.

Liam Flynn says:

This proves the MLB is just one large family. Rivals are like siblings fighting for ice cream or a video game and each team deep down all having the greatest respect for each other no matter what

Strength_44 says:

This. Is. Baseball. It brings us together.

Zac Webster says:

People make fun of us for being this patriotic. But did u see how these people reacted. Some of these people weren't even from Boston. But they were happy. The USA is like a family. People from all around the country were cheering when this happened. We clearly are United States. 

dean adams says:

We may bicker over sports….politics….religion and etc..but that's what family does and america is a family….and we stick up for family….so usa usa usa

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