StewPod: Creating a baseball team of 'Star Wars' characters

StewPod: Creating a baseball team of 'Star Wars' characters

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With “Star Wars” captivating the nation’s consciousness this week, we thought it was a great time to imagine what a baseball team of “Star Wars” characters would look like.

It’s a harder prospect than you would think. Is Darth Vader a pitcher because of his control or power-hitter corner infielder? Yoda might seem like a natural manager, but maybe his speed and size make him a great leadoff hitter? Is Luke Skywalker a star or a headcase? To consider all these things, our good friend (and “Star Wars” superfan) Bad News Ramen joins and flosses his knowledge everywhere.

[From Yahoo Movies: What to know before seeing the new “Star Wars”

While it’s true that ESPN beat us to the punch on this by a couple days, we’re delving far deeper into the “Star Wars” universe to put together our teams. There’s no Jar Jar Binks here — and we’re even talking about the likes of Porkins and the Gamorrean Guards. We hope it’s proof that we did this out of the love of baseball and “Star Wars” (and argumentative podcast topics) rather than corporate shilling.

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Here’s a rundown of the entire show:
• Intro
• Todd Frazier is going to the White Sox and Chris is pumped
• More bad news for the Dodgers
• When are you seeing “The Force Awakens?”
• Creating a “Star Wars” baseball team
• Wale sucks
• Who’d you want to make your MVP song?
• How would you celebrate hitting a big-league homer?
• Chris has never had Almond Roca.

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