He's back: Chipper Jones to join the Braves front office

He's back: Chipper Jones to join the Braves front office

Well, that didn’t take long. Just a few years after leaving the game, Chipper Jones is back with the Atlanta Braves. While he could probably still slot in as the team’s No. 3 hitter, he’ll be joining the club’s front office this time around. 

We admit, we have no idea what that means. According to Mark Bowman of MLB.com, Jones will “assist the club periodically throughout the year.” He’ll also provide some hitting instruction, according to Bowman.

We don’t know if this is one of those cushy front-office jobs given to former legends, or if Jones really has aspirations of eventually moving up in the system. Maybe he’s using this opportunity to transition into coaching. 

Jones has young children at home, so it’s entirely possible that he wants to get back into the game, but still spend time with his kids. Maybe once they are grown up and out of the house, he’ll decide to take on larger roles within the organization.

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Either way, we’re not really sure we care. Jones was an exceptional player throughout his career, and a legend with the Braves. Since his retirement, he’s become a fairly entertaining presence on Twitter. Working with Jones, even if it’s periodically, should be a good thing for the team’s young hitters. 

If all else fails, well, he could always try to make a comeback. We weren’t kidding earlier when we said he could probably slot in as the club’s No. 3 hitter. We have no doubt he could still perform well, but he also might be the team’s second best hitter right now. 

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